Psychedelic sound collages on a foundation of repetitive rhythms,  somewhere between spacerock, psychedelic, shoegaze and kraut rock. A flight through space and time ... .  Belt up and take off into the unknown.

First sighting in Mai 2023. 

Arun Kumar: guitars and theremin
Uli "Hank" Wagner: guitars
Frank Diedrich: bass and fx
Gerd Böhme: drumsono2 Frankfurt

The 2nd album "ERROR NOT FOUND" (double-gatefold vinyl) will be released 29th July 24 and is available for pre-order here.

First Review: "Error Not Found" is an 82-minute double LP on which the quartet catapults the already impressive guitar psych of their debut to an even higher level of quality." (Eclipsed Rock Magazin 7/24)
Debut full-length album ESCAPE FROM MORONIA was released on 23th November 2023

Recorded and mixed by Frank Diedrich
Mastered by EROC
Techn. Support: Redlight Studios
Layout and design: Dietrich Skrock
Label: Sunhair Music SH 0040

Order here 

Bandcamp: download or listen here

Escape From Moronia REVIEWS:

"The German quartet  delivers a  furious instrumental psychedelic album.  The whole album is a trip full of driving drums and bass, garnished with guitars, guitars, guitars. It's psychedelic, "krautish", spacy. 
8 out of 10 points, among the 10 top albums of the year by editor Bernd Sievers  (Eclipsed Rock Magazin)

"Up there in heaven, Klaus Dinger (NEU!) and Jaki Liebezeit from Can, the inventors of motoric drumming, are beating enthusiastically in time." 
Full review here 

 "The combination of atmospheric sounds and rhythmic precision shows that HIGHEST PRIMZAHL ON MARS not only operates at the highest level musically, but also creatively." 8 out of 10 Points 
Full review here

"And once again we were reminded that no one out here can hear us scream. The cosmic sound emanating from the Highest Primzahl On Mars is simply too powerful for that". 12 out of 15 Points ( 
Full review here

"This is masterful Space Kraut with bouyancy, heart and soul." (MangoWave Magazine)
Full review here

"Are these the "Kraut-Rocker" of modern times? Yes, they are. A little harder and more disillusioned than their 60s and 70s ancestors. Nevertheless, just like the space rockers of old, it clears your head of trivial and irrelevant things." ( 
Full review here

"A crazy comet ride" 9,2 out of 10 Points (Time For Metal) 
Full review here

"This is what I call ideal music for psychedelic parties. If anyone appreciates dense and energetic cosmic jams, "Escape from Moronia" would be a good tip." ( 
Full review here

"Promoportal-germany awards a strong 8 out of 10 points for a successful debut album ... we hope there's more to come." (
Full review here

"... what a great soundtrack!" 8 out of 10 Points (
Full review here
"Escape From Moronia van Highest Primzahl On Mars bevat 5 uitstekende nummers" 
5 of 5 Points (
Full review here

"Highest Primzahl On Mars knows how to give us an outstanding space journey that shines with its distinctive diversity. Highest Primzahl On Mars has released a debut that is fuelling many expectations for a follow-up." (RockTimes)
Full review here

"Impeccably realised instrumentally, HIGHEST PRIMZAHL ON MARS manage to transport the listener swiftly from the conscious earth plane into the spheres of outer space" ( 
Full review here


27th July 2024
Herzberg Festival, Höllenschuppen

25th August 2024
Museumsuferfest, Feinstaubbühne

13th September 2024
Halle 1
Infos soon

6th Dezember 2024
Herzberg Festival unter'm Dach 
Das Rind

30th Mai 2024
Supporting Acid Mother Temple
Das Rind

4th Mai 2024
Spacedelic Odyssey

15th March 2024
Pastel, Medico-International-Haus 

16th March 2024

10th February 2024
GiG - Ganz im Gegenteil
with Minerall 
Halle (Saale)

30th Dezember 2023
Album Release Concert

21th Dezember 2023
VirusMusicRadio Show

16th Dezember 2023
Herzberg Festival unter'm Dach 
Das Rind

25th November 2023 
Psychedelic Network Festival 
Café Cairo

23th September 2023  
Sula Bassana + Highest Primzahl On Mars

28th May 2023 
Psych Kraut Fest
Waggon am Kulturgleis 

The band. 
From left to right: Arun, Hank, Gerd, Frank

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